Massage has been practised for over 5000 years in many different civilisations.
The ancient Chinese, Japanese, Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, etc,.. all knew about its relaxing properties.

Massage at Corporate On-site therapies:
Corporate Onsite Therapies brings to the office environment both:

1) ‘Seated Acupressure’ Chair Massage treatments

Treatment takes place through the clothing.

An employee sits in a specifically designed chair for maximum support.

Head, arms, back, neck and shoulders are thoroughly worked.

Pressure is applied to precise acupressure points in the body to release tension, increase blood supply and energy flow in order to create balance.

Sessions are 30 minutes or duration can be adapted to suit the company needs.

An individual is left both calm and re-energized, returning to the desk with enhanced focus and clarity.

2) Deep Tissue Oil Massage
Treatment takes place on a massage couch using a minimal amount of oil.

Main areas of focus are the prime tension spots from endless hours at the computer, namely back, neck, shoulders and arms.

Legs can be treated for more sports specific requests or injuries.

Sessions last for 30 minutes or duration can be adapted to suit the company needs.

Muscular-skeletal tightness/ tension is released easing pain and discomfort, leaving the individual both relaxed and invigorated.

What is massage:
Massage is the practice of applying structured pressure, tension, motion or vibration — manually or with mechanical aids — to the soft tissues of the body, in order to achieve a beneficial response. Therapeutic massage can be applied to the whole or part of the body, to heal injury, relieve psychological stress, manage pain, and improve circulation.

Following its recent popularity in the western world, a fair number of studies have been performed which back-up its virtues. Research has been carried out under different circumstances at work, in hospital, on pregnant women, on babies, etc…
Investigations have been carried out into its neurological, endocrine, emotional and cardiovascular impacts.
Results show that massage has a relaxing effect on the body due to its short-term impact on the nervous system, and a longer-term impact on the endocrine system.