Michael Nicolaou: on-line osteopathic consultation

What to expect from an on-line video consultation

An online video consultation is ideal for people who :

  • are working from home with no time to travel around,
  • live rurally far from osteopathic practices,
  • want to have the peace of mind that the session is 100% sterile,
  • are too incapacitated/in pain to travel to an osteopathic practice,
  • do not like physical touch,
  • want some more clarity/ a second opinion about a previous diagnosis.

Firstly, the video call shall established in a well-lit room with good Internet Connection.

I will then take a case history where I will be asking questions about the problem/issue that is concerning you and about your past medical history. As with a face to face consultation, the information you provide is confidential, and the video call is not recorded. 

I will then need to analyse your posture. I will be looking for any misalignments in your body that may cause/contribute to the problem, so please wear a pair of shorts and a bikini top or vest top.

I will then ask you to perform certain movements and some orthopaedic tests which will help me understand what is going on. Sometimes it is helpful if another person is also present at your residence to help with the tests although this is not a must. 

After that, I will explain to you what I believe the problem is, I will give advice accordingly and will go through with you a tailor made exercise program to help your body heal/recover. I will then ask you to perform the exercises yourself to make sure you are doing them correctly.

It will be helpful if you have an extra recording device so you can record me while doing the exercises so it will be easier for you to remember. You can otherwise take notes.

I will then answer any questions you might have.
Session length : 1 hour
24 cancellation notice.