Shelley Hopkins: tools for a moment of calm

Tools for a moment of calm when you cannot get a massage

Are you finding it difficult to relax or meditate?

The global pandemic has well…. I don’t even know where to begin…

During this time I’m sharing some relaxation videos to support my massage clients (and anyone else who’s finding it difficult to relax or meditate) with their health and wellbeing. I think at the moment a “one step at a time” approach is helpful and relaxation is a great place to start.

These 1 to 3 minute relaxation videos can be watched on their own or combined with some simple breathing techniques or body scans. They are designed to relax body and mind with beautiful soothing colours and a range of natural sounds, binaural and ambient music. They could be used before a longer meditation. I always found meditation difficult until a teacher said you have to learn to actively relax first and then something clicked.

You can find more of these on my YouTube channel (hopkinsholistic), any feedback is welcome as this is a new thing I’m trying. I might include a guided breathing session or short body scan in the future.